Jim and Cheryl

September 21, 2019 will be a very special day when Jim Gruver and Cheryl Copeland become man and wife. Although life brings twists and turns and ups and downs, love a second time around is possible. There is a sweet quote that means a lot to this couple, “it is never too late to live happily ever after”. September 21st will prove that. Jim and Cheryl met while he was doing some electrical work at his friends house. Cheryl was there and they started talking. The conversation was easy and continued on the porch for a long time. There was an ease and comfortableness from the start. These conversations and spending time together continued and about six months into the relationship, Jim found himself telling Cheryl he loved her. These three words spoken over the phone surprised Cheryl. Although she didn’t tell him she loved him during that call, she knew she did. Not long after they talked about it and Cheryl let Jim know she loved him too. Cheryl’s love for Jim is evident in how she lights up around him. She loves that he makes her feel “safe”, “appreciated”, and “loved”. She never worries about his devotion to her because “he’s her biggest fan and cheerleader.” Although Jim often does special things for Cheryl, she says “it’s not so much what he does, but how he makes me feel” that is so special. Jim and Cheryl love to cook together, take walks in the woods, and most importantly, spend time with the family and beautiful grandchildren. One thing they do not do together is hunt. Cheryl is happy to let Jim handle that on his own! They love the idea of an early fall wedding and are hoping for beautiful weather. When asked why marriage is important to them, they pause and give it careful thought. To Jim and Cheryl, “marriage is becoming one before God” , “being together forever”, and “a way for them to express their love and commitment”. Whispering Pines congratulates this amazing couple and agrees, “it’s never too late to live happily ever after !” We are honored you are allowing us to host your big day.

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