Nicole & Jordan

It’s well known in my family that I love Hallmark movies. They all end happily and leave me feeling peaceful and joyful. Many of them are known for their romantic story lines. I will admit, sometimes I wonder if the romantic gestures in these movies actually happen in “real” life. If you have ever wondered the same thing, I encourage you to read on!

Several months ago, I had the privilege of meeting a very sweet couple looking to get married in May of this year. Jordan, Nicole, and their parents visited Whispering Pines and decided we would be the perfect venue for their special day. All of us at Whispering Pines are excited to be hosting their wedding on May 18th.

A few weeks ago, Nicole called me and asked me to help her pull off a surprise of a lifetime for her fiance Jordan. When Jordan was very young, he and his brother developed a love of fixing up cars with their dad. They continue to spend a lot of time fixing cars, talking about cars, and obsessing over cars. It is a huge passion for them.

Jordan had a particular love of a Jeep that he and his brother used to drive when they were young teens. They spent countless hours restoring the jeep and getting it in good driving condition. Jordan has an early memory of himself jumping into the back of this jeep and falling down through the floor. So when I say it needed work, it really needed work!

Jordan loved driving this jeep. It broke his heart when he had to sell it .He was in college and knew he could not afford to keep it on the road. It really was heartbreaking for him to let it go. Jordan even kept the key to that jeep in the console of his truck up until recently. That key was a reminder of the Jeep he loved.

This is where the surprise comes in. Nicole called me to let me know that she had tracked down this beloved jeep and bought it back for Jordan. With unbelievable detective skills that could rival Columbo, Nicole used the internet to find the current owner of this jeep. In a really interesting twist, Jordan remembers driving by a home up in the Cumberland Valley area and seeing “his” old jeep sitting in a driveway. For years, Jordan was looking for the jeep. Seeing it in the local area shocked him. He mentioned this to Nicole. It was then that Nicole used her detective skills to track down the current owner. Nicole set up a secret meeting and begged him to sell her Jordan’s jeep. It was good timing because this gentleman had just had his first baby and was ready to let the jeep go.

Nicole worked out a deal immediately. She purchased the jeep and developed and intricate plan to hide the jeep and surprise Jordan with an amazing engagement gift. It was then that I got brought into the plan and helped Nicole with her “Hallmark” movie romantic gesture. As part of our package plan, we love when couples use our property for their engagement pictures. Nicole and I devised a plan to hide the jeep in a garage at Whispering Pines. Jordan would be there with Nicole for their engagement photo shoot. With the perfect plan in place, Jordan would soon find out he was starring in his own version of a Hallmark movie.

As Jordan and Nicole’s photographer snapped pictures on a gorgeous, early, fall , snow covered day, Nicole gave me the signal to hit the garage door button. What happened next was one of the most joyous and romantic gestures I have ever witnessed. The door opened slowly and Jordan and Nicole’s parents slowly drove the jeep out of the garage right to Jordan. There was not a dry eye to be found. The attached pictures capture some of this amazing moment. I will never forget the day I got to be part of this surprise and act of love between Jordan and Nicole. Next time I’m watching a Hallmark movie, I will know that yes, these things can and do happen. Nicole and Jordan, you are one special couple. Thank you for letting Whispering Pines be part of your love.

Thank you Micaela Burkholder Photography for capturing the moment.
Thank you,

Jamie Crocenzi
Event Coordinator for Whispering Pines Estate

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